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About Us

We are Budsclouds

Are you looking for high quality CBD Flowers? If it is so, you are on the right budonline shop.
We selected the best CBD marijuana growers around the world, choosing only products that are certified throughout the production chain.
The strains we offer are organically grown, cultivated in protected indoor environments and most of all, law compliant.
Customers satisfaction is our goal, that’s why we are constantly exchanging feedback with our partners in order to improve product’s  quality.
Our CBD buds undertake laboratory tests because they have to meet our standard requirements before we make them available on our buy buds online weed shop.
We are keen on giving everyone the possibility to access all the best products at a competitive price.
Our constantly updated blog is full of information, but in case you are in need of an advice,  do not hesitate and contact us: we will be happy to put our expertise at your service, to help you in choosing the Cannabis just right for you.