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Marijuana For Depression

If you’re unsure about whether truly potent marijuana is for you, then you may have trouble handling Biscotti. This strain is nothing short of strong, with the high starting in an invigorating fashion followed by relaxation all over your body. THC? It goes up to 25%, which means the Biscotti Cookies strain hits like hell without further ado. And don’t forget it’s a hybrid where Indica reigns supreme, so the effects are usually mixed and can leave you bubbly.
With such an uplifting high, Biscotti is deemed go-to marijuana for depression and stress. At lower doses, it can help you get through the rigours of life, resetting your mind and body. Biscotti’s effects are also of benefit to those who have painful symptoms or mood disorders. After a smoke, your condition is likely to improve in a wink.

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What makes this Indica dominant hybrid unique in the first place? More and more folks buy Biscotti weed to get lost in its heavenly smell. Named after crunchy Italian pastries, it tastes sugary and is full of spicy notes. Its aroma is similar to that of coffee, making you want it to linger. Despite not being as distinctive as sweet flavours, fruity and chocolate notes are also there.
At BudsClouds, we realise you may find yourself baffled about where to buy Biscotti Cookies of proven quality. Getting the good-for-nothing strain with lower-than-promised THC is no fun. That is why you can’t go wrong with our Biscotti. It always delivers a punch and is grown with your needs in mind.

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hp (228grams), Oz (28grams), qp (114grams)


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